Power Trading

We are recognized to provide the finest conditions for power trading. We offer reliability, safety, and know-how acquired over nearly two decades performing in the deregulated energy market.

Ecom Energia is one of the leading and largest independent power traders in Brazil – accounting for over 100 million MWh traded, an amount which would suffice to supply electricity for a region as big as the Northeast of Brazil for a whole year. Over 2000 small businesses and major companies rely on our sturdiness, driven by the most competent and committed trading desk in the market.

We are a team composed of highly qualified, skilled and seasoned professionals prepared to develop structured operations tailored to meet your business specific needs.

Solutions for your business

Our solutions are customized and cover the following types of contracts:

Short, medium and long-term contracts

Swap contracts

Term contracts

Collar Options

Contracts pegged to spot market prices

Structured operations

Calls, Putz, and Option Combinations

Operations in foreign currencies

Bring your energy operation to Ecom
A comercialização de Certificados de Energia Renovável (I-RECs) pela Ecom Energia é habilitada pelo Instituto Totum, emissor especialista em certificados de energia renovável no Brasil.

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